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Cycad Time Lapse

Last year the big cycad in the front yard sprouted a bowling ball sized sphere from it’s center. It was bizarre looking, almost as if it was giving birth! The sphere eventually spread out and turned into a new generation of coralloid roots. It was quite amazing seeing it emerge so quickly, especially because apart from that there’s been no visible growth in over 2 years.

This year I noticed the spear heads of a new generation of leaves sprouting from the center and decided to try and take a photo every day. Amazing to see it grow so fast. I wonder where all the matter to build those huge leaves was coming from so quickly, could it be taken from the soil and air on the fly or has the plant been building up some sort of reservoir over 2 years that can quickly be converted into rapid new growth?

Cycad Time Lapse
Time lapse of a cycad sprouting a new generation of leaves taken over 35 days


Cycad coralloid roots
Cycad with a new generation of coralloid roots sprouting from the center
Cycad sprouting new leaves
Close up of the new leaves