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New Plants and Other Updates

I’ve added two new plant pages, Fish Bones and the Pouched Coral Fern. Looking back at the photos I realize I have to start including some kind of reference to give an idea of the scale, it’s hard to tell how big things are, especially in the close ups.

I’ve also been playing around with custom page templates, I’ve created this page that will automatically list new pages that have been added, still a bit of work to do but it’s a start.


Oxfam trailwalker 100km

Mat and I left home at 4am to meet Dick and his team while they were coming through on the Oxfam trailwalker 100k walk. The walk down in dark was fun, It was a foggy but remarkably warm winter morning, we heard bounding and crashing in the bush that must have been wallabys, also saw a possum or two and heard the soft beating of large wings in the trees above us that I reckon must have been owls.

I’m pretty familiar with the trail down there but it was overgrown in places and at night things looked totally different, we had to take short backtracks a few times. The plan was to meet at the intersection of Governor Phillip Track and Bungaroo Trail, where it crosses Middle Harbour creek. We had made good time getting there and after a bit of searching further up the trail we went back to the agreed meeting place to wait. Dick seemed pretty high when he arrived, he’d powered ahead of his other team members so we decided to wait for them. The sudden stop didn’t do him well and he was collapsed on the side of the track a few minutes later. He was down for a while before getting up to continue the walk, he didn’t last long though and after a little spit he was on the ground again. It was nothing that a goo and a drink of water couldn’t fix though and minutes later we were back on the trail and powering towards Davidson park.

Upon arrival at Davidson the teams support crew had prepared an great breakfast and recharge spot compleat with massage mats. Never seen so much pampering, ah well I guess they earned it!

After leaving the team to compleat the walk Mat and I walked over Roseville Bridge and back home. Not a bad round trip for a Saturday morning.