Monthly Archives: November 2020

Climate update

I’ve recently updated the Sydney temperature, sea level and rainfall pages to include the latest data available from the BOM. In case you’ve not seen these before a quick explanation:

The BOM provides long term weather observations for the Observatory Hill weather station going back as far as 1859. It’s an amazing resource, when graphed over time you start to see some cool trends emerge. I’ve set it up so you can graph the raw observations or select to see moving averages from 6 months up to 30 years. For the shorter time periods the observations can be all over the place, even the 10 year averages fluctuate up and down but selecting the 30 year averages show clear trends. Except for rainfall! In Sydney at least it’s all over the place with no clear trend over the last 160 years, there are 10yr or so patterns that i think correspond to El Nino and La Nina events.

Anyway, go check them out

Sydney Temperature

Sydney Sea Level

Sydney Rainfall