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Climate data update

I’ve updated the Sydney temperature and rainfall pages with the latest data from the BOM, we’re pretty much right up to date now, thanks BOM. Something has happened to their sea level pages though, their Fort Denison measurements have not been updated since the end of 2012.

It’s the long term trends that are of most interest so nothing mind blowing in these updates, temperature continues to rise on almost all average time periods. I found it interesting that even after the “August of rain” most rainfall averages are still low when you look back over time.


Muogamarra nature reserve

I found out about Muogamarra nature reserve from a friend a few years ago and have been meaning to visit for a while. Muogamarra is located near Cowan just north of Sydney. Due to the sensitive nature of the local environment and cultural sites it’s only open to the public for 6 weekends every year during August – September.

I made it out there with the family last weekend. Even though it was pouring with rain we managed to have a good time.

To get there you take the old Pacific Highway and turn off a bit past Cowan, there’s a short drive on a fire trail and you’re there. Maybe the rain scared away the casual visitors, the place was a bush enthusiasts paradise, there was a photographic display of local plants and wildflowers, a small army of National Parks volunteers and a large supply of information sheets on what to see.

After talking to the volunteers we decided to do the 2km point loop trail, an easy flat walk along the ridge top. Chris, one of the volunteers offered to come on the walk with us.  Chris provided commentary  on what we were seeing and what to look out for, he was very knowledgeable and made the walk fun for the kids.  Thanks Chris!

I learnt a few new plants, and the proper pronunciations of a few old ones ( It’s hard when you only ready the names in a book )

We only saw a very small section of the reserve, it was clear there was so much more, we will be back again.

The lookout on the point loop trail at  Muogamurra Nature Reserve. Peats Bight on the Hawkesbury River is in the background.
Red Triangle Slug spotted on the trail. Identified by Chris, it was the first time he’d seen one, first time for me too.
A Waratah just about to flower. Such an iconic plant, and our state flower, the first time I’ve seen one in the wild.

Muogamurra on the NPWS