In Garigal is a place to scratch my itch for local plants and animals, taking photos and playing with computers and the Internet. I’m mostly posting about the plants and animals in the area, but if anything else of interest comes up I’ll do that too!


Garigal National Park
Garigal National Park

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  1. Thank you for the information of epidendrum orchards
    the colour orange is amazing. I will like to get some
    Thank you

    1. No probs Barbara! Do you know anything else about the pool? It would be great to know more about it’s use and when it fell into disrepair

  2. HI Joe
    Thanks for this information. I have very strong memories of swimming there as a child in the early sixties but could never remember where it was. I always thought we entered from Catherine Street near the Pony Club but obviously that was wrong – must have been Douglas Street. I remember the track back up in the dark seemed very steep to me. The swimming pool at the time seemed enormous to me and very deep. I remember playing in the trees around the edge and almost slipping in and thinking I could have drown it was so deep. All these years I’ve wondered where that spot was. I went down once in recent years with my own children trying to find it but couldn’t. Now I realise that there are only remnants left. Much like my memories.

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