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Common Sundew

Drosera spatulata

“A small rosette herb, about 30mm wide.” NPOS p.164

The Common Sundew is a small ground herb, it has remarkable leaves that are covered in coarse red hairs and tipped with a clear sticky fluid. When small insects get stuck the leaves roll up and the insect in consumed. In this way the Sundew is able to¬†supplement¬†it’s diet by providing nitrogen that is lacking in sandy soils.

The Sundew is a small plant and easy to miss unless you are really looking. They are not rare but I’ve only found them growing in a few areas on sandy / clayey soil that is wet year round.

Common Sundew
Common Sundew – A small carnivorous plant that captures it’s insect prey with leaves covered in sticky fluid.
Common Sundew
Common Sundew – key for scale

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