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Gymea Lily

Doryanthus excelsa

“A colossal leafy herb with stiff flowering stem 3-4m tall bearing a dense cluster of large red flowers” – NPOS p.226

The Gymea lily is exotic looking with it’s huge sword like leaves radiating from it’s base and the towering stem with large flower on top. It’s a popular garden plant, and impressive that it’s naturally occurring in the area. I can’t remember every having seen one outside of peoples gardens though.

Compare the NSW excelsa with the Queensland palmeri, so similar, yet having the flowers grow all the up the stem really sets them apart.

The stems and roots of the Gymea Lily are edible and were consumed by Aborigines.

Gymea Lily
Gymea Lily in the gardens outside the office
Gymea Lily Flower Head
The flower head of another Gymea Lily outside the office