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Pitted Crassula

Crassula multicava

Another breakout that has colonized large parts of the front garden. The Pitted Crassula,  also know as Cape Province Pygmy Weed is originally from South Africa and is considered by some to be a weed over here. It’s a small ground hugging plant with light green thick succulent leaves. The leaves are covered in small pitts or divots, flowers are white to light pink and look like a 4 pronged star.

Nothing much more to say except this plant’s days in the yard are numberd, on reflection of the time I spend gardening those numbers could be in the 1000’s, but they are still numbered.

Pitted Crassula
Pitted Crassula in the garden. There's a shoot of Lavender Scallop poking up in the center top of the picture, that's scheduled for termination too.

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