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Prickly Moses

Acacia ulicifolia

“A wiry, prickly shrub to about 1.5m high…” – NPOS – p.67

I didn’t know what this was when I took the photo, it stood out because there appeared to be two very different types of flower growing on the same plant. It turned out to be two similar looking plants that were intertwined. I still don’t know what the 2nd plant is.

After seeing a plaque at the wildflower garden I’m pretty sure this is a Prickly Moses, one of the many species of Wattle.

Interesting thing about many Wattles, including the Prickly Moses, is they don’t have true leaves. The green leaf like structures are actually the leaf stalks or phyllodes. The leaves themselves have disappeared in many Australian Acacias as an adaption to our hot dry climate.

Prickly Moses
Prickly Moses

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