Kookaburras attacking the house

A few days ago a pair of Kookaburras started attacking an old steel air conditioner on the side of the house. They sit on a branch and take turns flying right at the thing, hitting it hard with their beaks. It makes a loud clang, sometimes they get their beaks stuck between the slats.

Kookaburras watching, waiting..
These are the 2 kookaburras that have been attacking the side of the house for the past few days. Don’t know why they’re doing it. They’re hitting an old steel air conditioner really hard with their beaks, sometimes their beaks get stuck between the slats

It’s not happened before in the 3 years we’ve been here. Not sure what it going on, I thought there might be something living inside the aircon box that they’re going after, or maybe they’re just sharpening their beaks? They tend to do it at the crack of dawn which is 5am this time of year.

Others have seen this behavior, there are a number of people having problems with Kookaburras repeatedly trying to attack their reflection in windows too.

I’ve been shining a bright light at them, it makes them fly away, they sometimes come back after a while though. Any other suggestions welcome!

These two have been attacking an old air conditioner on the side of our house for the past few days, they take it in turns!

7 thoughts on “Kookaburras attacking the house

  1. Our house is rendered on (foam panels) every year comes a season when they take turns in attacking the external walls, they make holes in the wall (around 8cm diameter) we are in fight with them closing the holes, we hang reflecting tapes, and an imitation owls from Bunnings, nothing is working, this year they just started now (mid July)

    1. Hi Samir, that doesn’t sound good! I never worked out why they were doing it, they did it a number of times but we were lucky it was only the one season. Is there anything on the walls they could be attacking like lizards? I had some limited success when I shined a very bright torch at them, they would eventually fly away but sometimes return minutes later

    2. For the past few weeks a pair of kookaburras has been hacking through the fly screens on two windows and then try to get through the closed windows. Left the louvres open in the bathroom one day and came home to find the pair in the house try to battle their way out again.
      didn’t deter them though and they come back morning and evening to have another go. Looking for a nesting spot is the only thing that makes sense. I haven’t seen them for a few days so maybe they found somewhere less challenging.
      we are having security mesh installed.

  2. I think their trying to make an opening so they can nest. Trying to figure out how to stop them myself. I recently had a troop of around eight. Hosing them works… for a time. If anyone figures out a solution, please let me know!

    1. ooch 8! Must be a mighty appealing nest to come back after being hosed. They are tenacious birds. Since working from home I see them out the window sitting on the clothes line for hours staring at the ground, when a worm or grub pokes it head up they swoop down and SNAP! lunch.

  3. I am at war with a few as well! They launch themselves at the wall of my deck and bite off chunks of weatherboard and insulation. I have left my leaf blower next to the door and every time them come around I go out and turn that on. It seems to make them go away but everyday at 6am and 5pm they are back for more. So persistent. I am just going to get the wall clad in colourbond. If anyone thinks of a better deterrent let me know!!

    1. Haha! they are naughty birds! I like the leaf blower idea, I feel like it will be a battle of wills though. Thankfully our Kookaburras have stopped hitting the house, unfortunately they’ve passed the mantle to the cockies who land on the back porch and bite chunks out of the railing

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