Coral Fern ( G. microphylla )

Gleichenia microphylla

“Habit and Habitat as per G. dicarpa. Uncommon”NPOS p.314

Yet another Coral Fern! Along with the Pouched Coral Fern ( Gleichenia dicarpa ) and Gleichenia rupestris the G. microphylla compleats the entire set of coral Ferns found in Sydney, acording to NPOS anyway.

G. microphylla has features of both G. rupestris and G. dicarpa. It had very fine small fronds that are a deep green colour and convex on the top like G. dicarpa. But on the undersidethey are flat or just slightly concave like G. rupestris.

I fond this specimen growing on the side of a damp sandstone cliff at the back of the house. There was some G. dicarpa growing there too. G. microphylla is meant to be uncommon in the area so I’m happy to have found it so close by.

Gleichenia microphylla
G. microphylla Coral Fern growing on a damp sandstone cliff. I came across this when I was out the back looking after the blocked sewer main. Thanks sewer!
Gleichenia microphylla
G. microphylla frond. It looks a lot like the Pouched Coral Fern from the top. but under the leaves it was flat, no pouches.
Gleichenia microphylla
Close up of the fronds.

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